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Hans Holbein (1498-1543)

The Ambassadors

Rendezvous with Death (36 min)

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Excellent. A imiter

Holbein--The Ambassadors. Fantastic video! The video is a very dynamic exploration of the painting and the period. I use this painting to introduce the Renaissance to my students because it has so many elements that are characteristic of the shifts in thought that were going on. Its clarity and complexity fascinates students, and the video brings out ideas that would be difficult to show or explain without the visual elements that the video uses so well. Very impressive!

Some the theories on the painting and its relationship to death may have been a bit overstated, but my students like the drama of it.

I am waiting for : I would like to see an exploration of the early surrealists or a focus on a particular work that is representative.


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Sumptuously executed and dazzling in its detail, Holbein’s masterpiece is also deeply mysterious. Become an art detective, unravel its riddles, and see how the artist uses his two protagonists - men at the cutting edge of science, politics and the arts - not simply to symbolise privilege and power, but to help us redefine our attitude to Death.

Produced in HD, this film is the most ambitious ever devoted to the painting. Taking full account of the latest research and thinking on its subject, it has been acclaimed for the quality of its script and the beauty of its images.

- 7 details (Google Art Project)

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The team

Writing credits & direction

Erwan Bomstein-Erb

Film editing & Motion graphics

Romain Lamour
Cyril Curchod
Erwan Bomstein-Erb 

3D introduction

Julien Baret


Rémy Diaz

Sound mix

Arnaud Prudon

Produced by

Erwan Bomstein-Erb

Canal Educatif à la Demande - décembre 2010

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