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Nicolas Poussin (1594-1665)

The Gathering of Manna

The model of French classicism? (16 min)

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I liked the detail and thoughtfulness of the presentation. I liked the reference to issues of the time when the painting was made.

I had no dislikes.


Excellent. A imiter

I like that pics where husband and baby both are sucking the milk from that lady's breast. basically it convey the message that the first part which any baby touch to his mouth is breast that is why when that baby become husband it remember his moms and he get attracted towards breast now towards his wife...............

Nothing like to tell

I am waiting for : I would like to see the pablo picaso's original paintings video


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How can a still painting compete with the dramatic effects of theater? Discover how Poussin solve the issue in this masterpiece from the Louvre Museum.


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