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Auguste Rodin (1840-1917)

The Gates of Hell

The story of a damned artwork (26 min)

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Excellent. A imiter

The breaking down of the piece

however, there was not enough of the "zoom" into gates of hell like Francesca and Paolo.

I am waiting for : pure decription of the gates in relation to dante's work.


Excellent. A imiter

Very interesting, an information you would not hear everywhere. The host voice is also very pleasing.

Too loud background music at the beginning.


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Was Rodin's monumental masterpiece a failure?
This video explains
why there are two different versions of the same artwork, and why Rodin remained obsessed by the Gates until his death.
It shows how the artist used this work to solve major aesthetic issues that faced modern artists at that time.

[...] Voir la suite


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This documentary was produced by Canal Educatif à la Demande, a charity, with the support of the Musée Rodin and INHA.

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The team
  • Vincent Nash, former chief translator, who has greatly helped us for the translation of the screenplay.
  • Antoinette le Normand, who has constantly supported the project.
  • Alex Potts, whose book, Sculptural Imagination has been a tremendous source and inspiration.
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