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Our mission is based on:
- Our strong belief in the value of online creation and distribution
- Our will to value talent, excellence and professionalism
- Our quality oriented approach: each proposal will be scrupulously examined.

You can help us if you are:

A translation & adaptation expert

- Native English speaker with perfect French speaking and writing skills
- Voice-over for our English Videos

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A creative expert

Our editorial policy:
- To make lively and analytical films: each movie tackles a real intellectual issue...
- ...and leads a "detective investigation"...
- explore fundamental educational questions in Arts, Sciences and Economics

If you want to help us write a script, join our Talent network or chek out our call for projects proposals in History of Art.

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A technical expert

- An image and audiovisual professional that has extensive experience with Adobe CS3 / CS4 suite to work on Art History projects.
- Film editor
- Cameraman
- Photographer

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