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What is the CED ?

The team

Rémy Diaz

, 31, CED project producer and supervisor

Erwan Bomstein-Erb

, 33, CED project producer and supervisor

Côme Fabre

, 24, is the CED Art History Projet manager

Simon Joliveau-Breney

, 22, in charge of website and technical development.


Grégory Van Aelbrouck contributed significantly to the new CED website design

Our objective

to offer online educational videos for free

Filmmaking is our core business: we gather talents, partners and funds around solid projects and supervise their distribution.
Quality rather than quantity: we select projects that appeal to a wide audience, forceful and well-informed scripts likely to be watched at home, at school or at the University.
Collaborative and philantropic work: collaborative because we gather talents and raise funds through the web. Philantropic because we are committed to offering excellent videos for free.

Our vision

a quality oriented initiative

Since 2007 we have built up our first catalog of HD educational videos. This first experience confirmed us in our conviction that quality and multidisciplinarity were the key to success.
Check out some of our greatest videos: Delacroix and Rodin

The CED and you

Cultural institutions, you can become our partner and co-producer. Contact us!