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Holbein's 'Ambassadors' Rendezvous with Death
A superlative film treatment, now on VOD

Format: VOD - Check out the trailer & extracts

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Price: €2,99

Duration : you have 48h to view the video as much as you like

Be ready for surprises as you explore the picture and discover its political, scientific and artistic implications.

Superb image quality and motion graphics combine with Mahler’s haunting music to make this film a breathtaking experience.

See how Holbein’s lavish details skilfully evoke the historical, philosophical and geographical context.

Death is certain - so how should we confront it? Holbein offers us no easy answers.

Product details

Audio Language: French
Subtitles: English
Format: VOD (432p, 576p)
Run Time: 37 minutes (documentary)
Average Customer review: 4,85/5


Play the detective, follow the clues, track the hidden meanings in Holbein's famous picture - and help us to spread the message

As a new era dawns and reason displaces tradition, two French diplomats face a new deal in politics, sciences and religion. But they also, like us, face a crucial question: how can we survive in a changing world?

Selection of reviews for this video :

Le 4 Novembre 2011

Excellent. A imiter

Holbein--The Ambassadors. Fantastic video! The video is a very dynamic exploration of the painting and the period. I use this painting to introduce the Renaissance to my students because it has so many elements that are characteristic of the shifts in thought that were going on. Its clarity and complexity fascinates students, and the video brings out ideas that would be difficult to show or explain without the visual elements that the video uses so well. Very impressive!

Some the theories on the painting and its relationship to death may have been a bit overstated, but my students like the drama of it.

Une vidéo que vous attendez : I would like to see an exploration of the early surrealists or a focus on a particular work that is representative.